Today is December 5, Ninja Day.

The Ninja Day site encourages you to refer your friends to everything related to ninjas and sneak around the city wearing a mask. The holiday is an official opposition to "Talk Like a Pirate" Day, which is celebrated in September.

December 12: Festival of Thoughts That Should Not Be Spoken Aloud

Don't even think about mentioning what you think that means.

December 13: Cocoa Day

It's cold, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate.

Today is International Tea Day

December 14: Monkey Day

The holiday celebrates everything related to monkeys and provides everyone with the opportunity to behave accordingly.

December 16: 15 years since the strange Pokémon incident

On this date in 1997, more than 600 children in Japan were admitted to hospital after an episode of Pokémon with intense visual effects that caused dizziness, vomiting and seizures. If you want to celebrate this anniversary, turn off the TV and go outside.

23 December: Festivus

Its motto is "A celebration for the rest of us". He became famous from the series "Seinfeld". Its symbol is the unadorned aluminum rod, which enters into direct opposition to the commercialism of the more famous December holidays.

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