The video of the bride and groom went viral

New Delhi:

In our country, weddings are not complete without singing and joking fun. In the midst of pomp and fun, sometimes something happens that the poor bride and groom become embarrassed. One such video is going viral on social media. In the video, the groom gets embraced in his own wedding, after which he does something that will leave anyone laughing. This funny video of Jayamala is becoming very viral on social media.

What did it play on the groom's entry!

In the video shared by an account named MonikAkash on Instagram, the groom is seen standing on the wedding stage for the bride Jayamala. But the song playing during Jayamala blows the groom's senses and he cannot stop himself. The groom's entry is on Helen's superhit song 'Monica O My Darling'. After getting off the stage, the groom approaches the DJ and asks him to change the song. The groom then returns to the stage smiling. Seeing this reaction of the groom, the people present there start laughing and laughing.

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"I'll remember this song for the rest of my life."

The video was shared three days ago, since then it has received 1 lakh 35 thousand likes and people are calling the video very funny. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, "Whatever happens, the song 'Dekho Wo Aa Gaya' will now be remembered by both of them for the rest of their lives." Another jokingly wrote, "The song was good by the way. The third wrote, thank God he got the change done, my jaimala ke time jumma chumma was ringing.