Video of human-like fish appearance is going viral.

There are many species of fish around the world, which are often surprising. Videos and photos of such fish are often viral on social media, which sometimes makes it difficult to believe your own eyes. Sometimes fish with teeth like humans are seen, sometimes smiling fish win hearts. Recently a similar fish has surfaced, seeing which your eyes will also be deceived. Actually, the face of this fish looks like humans, which is bound to be surprising. If you don't believe me, see for yourself.

Watch the video here.

Why does this fish have a human face? 😳

— LADbible (@ladbible) July 21, 2022

Strange fish spotted on the lake shore (human-faced fish)

Rarely have you ever seen such a fish before, whose face is similar to humans. According to the Daily Star report, this strange fish was seen in a lake in a village near Kunming in South China in 2019. Seeing this human-like fish, people had made a video of it drinking water on the lake shore, which is now going viral on the Internet and blowing people's senses.

Fish With a Human-Like Face

It can be seen in the video that there are black spots on the head of the fish, which look no less than human eyes. Similarly, two straight lines remain near the nose and one horizontal line looks like the mouth. While sharing this video on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), the caption reads, 'Why does this fish have a human-like face?' Users who have watched the video are giving different reactions to it. One user wrote, 'Who would dare to eat it?' The third user has priced it above Rs 15 lakh.