There are many people around the world who mistake the dreaded animals of the forest as pets, the result of which sometimes proves to be very dangerous. Such videos often appear on social media, which are often heartbreaking. In some viral videos related to the zoo, the dreaded animals in the cage are sometimes seen teasing them by considering them helpless, the result of which is soul-shaking. Recently, a similar video is coming out, in which a dog mistakes the tiger tied with an iron chain as helpless and disturbs him by barking at him, but then the angry tiger grabs his neck in one stroke.

Watch the video here.

— NATURE IS BRUTAL (@TheBrutalNature) December 4, 2023

It can be seen in the video, how inside the four walls of the house, a dog is trying to become a lion in front of a tiger tied in chains. Further in the video, you will see that the dog starts barking and trying to scare the tiger, but in the meantime, the angry tiger removes all the arrogance of the dog in a moment. In the video, you can see that, in a few seconds, the tiger grabs the dog's neck.

Tiger attacks dog

This video has been shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by an account named @TheBrutalNature. This video of just 11 seconds has been viewed by 1.1 million people so far, while more than 10 thousand people have liked the video. Users who have watched the video are giving different reactions to it. One user asked, 'Is the dog dead,' while another user wrote, 'A tiger is a tiger everywhere, whether in the forest or tied in chains.'