Over a period of 14 years, Wong Kwong-wing, the "King of Village Houses", and a village representative of Yuen Long falsely claimed to the Lands Department that the applicant for the small house was the sole legal registered owner of the land concerned, and the Department granted a building licence. Both were charged with conspiracy to defraud and were mentioned in the District Court today (5th) and both pleaded not guilty. The judge adjourned the case to February 2025, 2, which is expected to take 10 days.

Two defendants: Wong Kwong (72, responsible person and solicitor of Wing Ka Construction Company Limited) and Cheng Chun-ming (65, Cheng is a Yuen Long District Councillor and representative of the original residents of Shui Chiu San Tsuen, Yuen Long).

The charge alleges that between May 2005, 5 and May 11, 2019, the duo conspired with others to defraud the Lands Department by inducing the Director of Lands and his staff to act in breach of their public duty by granting a building licence to the applicant.

The duo falsely represented that each applicant was the sole legal registered owner of the land lot in Shui Chiu San Tsuen and applied for a building licence in respect of the land. They also falsely represented that the aforesaid applicant had never entered into any agreement or arrangement with any person for transferring, assigning, disposing of or otherwise dealing with the land or any interest therein; The applicant has never made and does not intend to make any private arrangements to treat them under the policy.

Case No.: DCCC 1043/2022

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