Eight men and women were involved in the conflict on Hong Kong Island on November 8, 2019, and all were subsequently charged with rioting, including a female clerk who was charged with perverting the course of public justice while on bail for $11,2 to buy a private jet carrying her pet and its owner, but did not have the pet with her. After the trial of the eight people, the case was decided in the District Court today (10th), and Judge Lee Chun-man found four of them guilty, and the remaining four were convicted of rioting, including the female clerk who was suspected of absconding, and she was also convicted of perverting the course of justice. The four convicted defendants need to be remanded in custody until next Tuesday (8th) for sentencing.

6 females and 2 male defendants: Ma Chi-kin (male, 46 years old, accountant), Chan Sin Hang (27 years old, clerk), Lam Tsz-kiu (29 years old, clerk), Chan Tsz-yan (26 years old, clerk), Lo Hung-yu (25 years old, flight attendant), Lau Su-ting (35 years old, customer service clerk), Tse Chui-yi (34 years old, accountant) and Wang Yongsen (male, 48 years old, advertising producer).

Six women and two men were convicted of rioting after the trial of the case in the District Court on 6 November 2 in Wan Chai District.

Eight defendants and four were convicted of rioting

Li Guan ruled that Ma Zhijian, Chen Shanheng, Chen Zixin and Liu Suting were convicted; Lam Tsz-kiu, Lo Hung-yu, Tse Chry-yi and Wong Wing-sum were convicted of rioting, of which Lo and Wong were convicted of possession of a rope and Lam was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Except for Lin, the other defendants all appeared in court to testify, and they all claimed that they only passed by the scene for different reasons at the time of the crime and did not participate in the riot.

The horse had no mask and no other equipment

Li Guan's analysis pointed out that Ma Zhijian was carrying a camouflage backpack that day, without a mask and other equipment, and he voluntarily admitted that he had been photographed at the scene when he testified, which increased his credibility, and it could not be ruled out that he was indeed just passing by for shopping, so he was found guilty of rioting; Chan was arrested with a black face towel and gas mask, and Li accepted her claim that she needed to wear a face mask because of her asthma problems, and that she bought takeaway at the scene of the crime after hiking that day, and was convicted of rioting and masking herself.

The two female defendants claimed that they only participated in origami crane activities

As for Chen Zixin, she said that she had participated in the origami crane rally that day, and had to wear a mask due to nasal allergies, and was later arrested for being separated from her sister in the same company. Li Guan pointed out that a stack of white paper was found in Chen's backpack, which was not something that ordinary people would carry when they went out, and that origami also needed paper, which was consistent with his statement, and it could not be ruled out that she was just an innocent passerby, and he was convicted of rioting; Liu Suting also claimed to have participated in the origami crane activity, and Li Guan believed that she had no gas mask and other equipment when she was arrested, but only ordinary thin masks needed for work, so she was convicted of rioting.

Clashes between police and the public in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay on 2019 November 11. (See the picture below for details)


Lin paid 10,<> yuan to buy a one-way ticket for a pet plane, but he didn't bring a pet

The remaining four defendants were all convicted of rioting, and Lam Tsz-kiu, who was also charged with perverting the course of justice, did not testify. Li Guan pointed out that Lin was carrying various equipment such as gas masks and filter canisters at that time, and the quantity was not only for her own use, and she could not have been an innocent passerby. Lin then spent 4,10 yuan to buy a one-way ticket for a pet plane, but she was the only one on the plane without a pet, and on the eve of her departure, she even overdrew 30,<> yuan in cash, and her intention to evade trial was clearly revealed.

The other female accused was fully equipped when she was arrested

Li Guan also pointed out that Tse was fully equipped when she was arrested, including three gas masks, but she said that because tear gas had been thrown into her home to buy gas masks, and she was preparing to repair the water seepage accident in her home and wearing gloves, she refused to accept it.

The two male defendants were in possession of ropes, goggles, and other supplies

In addition to the offence of rioting, Lo Hung-yu and Wong Wing-sum were also convicted of possession of the rope. Li Guan pointed out that Lo was wearing gloves and goggles when he was arrested, and although she explained that the equipment was for climbing that day, she was wearing cloth shoes when she was arrested, and her claim that the straps could be used to fix the soles of her shoes or tie cat nets was far-fetched, so she refused to accept it. As for Wang's claim that his wife was picking up the rope belt at the scene that day, Li Guan retorted that even if it was environmentally friendly, it was impossible to pick up the goods on the street at any time, and Wang's evidence was exaggerated and unconvincing.

Case no.: DCCC663/2020, DCCC666/2020 (Consolidated)

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