This afternoon (5th), a city bus caught fire off Taikoo Place in Quarry Bay, and the rear of the bus was caught in flames. At the time of the incident, reader Mr. Leung photographed a clerk at a nearby roast meat shop holding a fire extinguisher, and "Hong Kong 01" also found the firefighting officer. We're doing our best!"

Chef Lai, a roast meat shop, said that helping to fight the fire was just "a gesture!" (Photo by Leung Wai Kuen)

In an interview, Master Li of the roast meat shop said that when he saw the bus involved in the incident stop low and the rear engine of the bus caught fire, and the fire intensified, the boss shouted: "We have a fire extinguisher! Help!" Upon hearing this, Master Lai hurriedly put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but the fire burned out of the inside of the bus, and the flames kept falling, and finally the bus was engulfed in flames, "The fire extinguisher spewed into (the bus) for 20 seconds!" A fire extinguisher is used up and down, and there is nothing we can do, so we can do our best!" He was worried about an explosion, and at first he measured that the danger was low, but in the end he had to retreat completely, "It's all a matter of raising hands!"


In addition, Mr. Leung, a reader, had just left after lunch near the above address, and on his way home, he found that there were onlookers and found that the bus was on fire, and immediately saw the staff of the roast meat shop helping to put out the fire. At that time, there were no passengers on the bus, and Mr. Leung was not worried when he saw the fire up close, "It's the first time I've seen it, but I'm not too worried!"

Master Li of the roast shop helped to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher. (Screenshot of the video provided by reader Mr. Liang)

The incident occurred at about 5:1 p.m. this afternoon (38th) when a City Bus No. 82 was eastbound along King's Road in Quarry Bay and caught fire at the rear of the vehicle opposite Marina Street in Taikoo Place. In response to the enquiry of "HKHK01", Citybus said that 12 passengers were safely evacuated at the time of the incident; The bus involved was 6 years old and Citybus will liaise with the depot to investigate the cause of the accident through the established vehicle inspection procedures.


Taikoo Place Citybus in Quarry Bay is on fire and the fire is fierce and the eastbound King's Road is completely closed