Often a flock of birds is seen sitting on the open fields and roadside, seeing which there is a different comfort in the heart and a lovely smile blooms on the face. This is the reason why people are seen capturing these beautiful views on camera. Such videos and photos are often seen on social media, which make people's day, but some people probably do not like this view and that is why such people vent their anger on these voiceless. Recently, one such person has been arrested by the police, who has been arrested for deliberately entering a herd of pigeons and killing one.

Actually, this case is from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. A Tokyo taxi driver has been arrested for deliberately entering a flock of pigeons and killing one because he was reportedly angry that birds were on the road, police said on Tuesday. Atsushi Ozawa, 50, used his car to kill a pigeon in the Japanese capital last month, a Tokyo police spokesman said. He was arrested on Sunday for violating wildlife protection laws.

Local media said Ozawa abandoned the traffic light when it turned green and drove his taxi to a flock of birds at speeds of 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour. The sound of the engine reportedly prompted a passerby to report the incident.

According to local media, Tokyo police conducted an autopsy on the hapless pigeon attack from a veterinarian and described the cause of its death as painful shock. "Roads are for humans, so the pigeons should have gone out of the way," local media quoted investigators as saying.