The government through the Medicines Store (MSD) in Dar es Salaam has distributed more than Sh930 million to 24 health facilities in Ulanga District.

Speaking in the region of Morogoro, Ulanga MP Salim Hasham said they had received more than 900 million rupees for 23 health facilities of Ulanga District Council.

"The government of President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan's health sector is huge, so the move to receive these modern medical equipment is a continuation of improvements in the health sector where Ulanga and the Morogoro Region are generally beneficiaries," Hasham said.

In addition to this, they have received $900 million for the renovation of the district hospital, where talks are ongoing to find another site that will meet the needs of the district, which is now a large one with investors and mining traders who will be provided with services.

Salim stressed that within three years the district has acquired two health centers and 10 dispensaries, and surprisingly there are health facilities that have not completed construction, including the Ruaha health center, but MSD has already met all the necessary needs, including medical equipment.

"In the past, the health facilities were running out and we sit waiting for medical supplies for more than a year, but now the medical facilities are waiting for them to close and the public to get care at a time when the weak man is right, MSD change is so great the MSD of our mother President Samia is not the one we were pointing fingers at all the time," he stressed.

MSD Regional Manager Betie Kaema said MSD on behalf of the government is pledging not to fail the President in the discharge of his duties, so that the availability of medicines and medical supplies in the country will continue to improve, with the aim being to improve health care.

He said the advent of more than $900 million of medicines and medical devices is a continuation of these improvements.

"July to November we have ensured that 600 million medicines and medical supplies are brought here and we have now handed over 300 million medicines and medical equipment, so 23 health centres in Ulanga will receive 900 million rupees of goods which are all completed and are now distributed at the centres.

He mentioned some of the medical equipment provided to Ulanga citizens as dental care kits, diagnostic care beds, patient ward beds, heating equipment for children, breathing aids, oxygen equipment, surgical beds and ultrasound machines.

The others are wheelchairs, medical equipment, a hospital pass, a curtain stand, a can of delivery kits, a sedative, a medicine kit, beds and more.

Ulanga District Chief Medical Officer Alli Ramadan said the health care situation in the district has had significant improvements from staff, medicine and medical equipment.

He said the availability of medicines and medical supplies was 95 to 97 percent different from the previous 70 to 80 percent, reducing public complaints and confidence in their staff.