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Without her beloved Noisy, Maria Ignatova appeared at the most glamorous fashion event "Golden Needle 2023". Guests were fascinated by the surprising appearance of the host, but the question - where is Noisy?, with whom Maria almost never parted, ominously hovered in the air.

As is well known, the burning of the most sympathetic presenter in Bulgaria - Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy, found itself in the hurricane of scandal two weeks ago after he was caught driving while intoxicated, which led to his detention on the night of November 17.

In addition to taking away his beemve, Tsvetkov received a hefty kick from the show that his wife has been leading for many years - "Lords of the Air" handed him the famous "Golden Skunk" for megafailure.

Maria Ignatova's husband arrested for drunk behind the wheel

Ignatova had not shown herself before, perhaps out of concern for all the pressing issues related to her partner and his outburst. On the evening of the Golden Needle, however, everything changed. During the ceremony, the blonde showed herself in a white stylish outfit of one of the fashion collections and became one of the stars of the evening.

For twenty-nine years, the Academy of Fashion has distinguished and stimulated the best Bulgarian artists in the fashion industry and provided a stage for talented designers and established fashion houses.

Maria Ignatova cuddles another boy

The evening of vanity was visited by many other colleagues of Maria. In the audience was the TV presenter Niki Kanchev, whose presence was also adorned by the fashion scene. With the high prize of the needle were awarded awards in the categories: "Designer of the Year", "Fashion House of the Year", "Unique Fashion", "Artistic Fashion", "Fashion Make-up Artist", "Children's Fashion", "Overall Contribution" and "Best Young Designer", etc., and Kanchev presented the "Overall Contribution" award to Elena Cristiano.

Judy Halvadjian, stylishly dressed as always, also decorated the event with his presence. This time, however, he was without the beautiful blonde with whom fashion events were toured a little earlier this year, Hotarena writes.

Natalia Gurkova presented her latest fashion works, even winning an award for a successful premiere on the Bulgarian fashion scene, and the presenter on BNT Eva Kikerezova returned to the catwalk after a 5-year absence, this time with her two wonderful daughters, who are just starting out as models.

The makeup artist of the stars Kiril Chalakov also won another "Golden Needle" in the category "Fashion makeup artist". Over the years, Kiril has worked with celebrities like Lili IvanovaLili Ivanova was born in Sofia. Kubrat. She graduated from a medical school in Varna and later worked in GalenaGalena's real name is Galina Vicheva Gencheva. She was born in Fr. Smyadovo. She has an older brother and Nikoleta LozanovaNikoleta Lozanova is one of the most successful Bulgarian models. Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981 in New York to Kathy and Richard Hilton. Has.

The performance of Maria Ignatova was watched with interest by the audience Zlatka DimitrovaZlatka Dimitrova was born in Burgas, Taurus. He graduated from the University of Economics, Bonnie and last year's presenter - the actor Niki Sotirov.

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