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Folk singer Maria and her beloved Miro have parted once again and now the situation looks quite serious, but whether it will be final, only time will tell.

The separation happened a month ago, and the reason Maria made another drastic decision in her life is related to a well-known motive - finance.

The singer packed her bags and moved out of the apartment that until recently lived together after another violent scandal, which miraculously this time ended without physical violence.

The last blow for the troubled couple came after serious business adversity fell on Sokolov.

Miro Dzvera, as Maria's husband is known, had to return over BGN 1 million, and to top it off, his accounts were blocked and the NRA had chased him for tax fraud and unpaid VAT.

Maria, who has long been accustomed to living luxuriously, did not like this at all, so the decision turned out to be easy.

The changing situation of the folk singer Maria is not only in relation to her last husband, but apparently with almost all the people in her life, especially with men. The minion has quarreled not only with Dzvera, but also with her first husband Dimitar Andonov, with whom he has been on good terms in recent years.

Maria cleared Miro for beating

The folk singer with the most marriages herself hinted that she has a very strained relationship with Mitko, saying in her latest interview that she would like her daughter Mariah to spend more time with her father. She did not reveal more, but according to reports, a little more than a year ago she quarreled with the Blagoevgrad businessman and his second wife Nicole. The reason is not yet clear.

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