A young Spanish vlogger named Yiuna Clark recounted on social media her disturbing experience in a taxi while on a trip to the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

According to her, she was totally shocked by the taxi driver, who spoke via video link with his girlfriend while she was absolutely naked in front of the camera.

Our taxi driver robbed a famous streamer while she was streaming live on the Internet

Put that down, but the dude was driving without a belt, talking to his naked girlfriend on one phone, and looking at some clips on the other. I am amazed, complained to my followers the young woman.

However, some of them said that what happened to her is not an isolated case and in general traveling by taxi in Portugal can be a dangerous experience.

El cinturón puesto para que no pite y el sentado encima XD pic.twitter.com/rHSeG3cE0B

— Lluna Clark (@LlunaClark) December 1, 2023

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