The conclusion from such circumstances is unequivocal: since any, even insignificant, collision can end in a serious conflict, it is advisable to communicate as little as possible with the people around you. Rumors and gossip that can reach our ears must be ignored – they will bring nothing but spoiled mood.


Aggressive attacks on you by ill-wishers are likely, the best tactic in this case is to let their words pass by with a smile, and then watch their anger turn against them.


Communication with a loved one on this day will cause disappointment, which – in turn – can cause problems in the relationship: to prevent this from happening, it is better – if there is such an opportunity – to shorten it.


It is advisable to refuse to solve serious work issues today – at best, you will not achieve your goal, and at worst, you can fail an important project on which your career depends.


You should always control your words to other people, but especially today: there is too much chance of offending someone close to you, which will cause you to suffer much more than they do.


Stubbornness, which makes you insist on your own at all costs, will not lead to good on this day: leave the people next to you the right to their opinion, even if it is wrong in advance.


Uncharacteristic credulity, which for some reason you want to show today, will not lead you to good: in order not to become a victim of fraudsters, doubt the words of unfamiliar persons.


Perhaps someone will be surprised by this warning, but it is necessary to provide assistance on this day selectively: there is too high a probability of exposing yourself to those who simply want to improve their financial situation at your expense.


It is advisable for the representatives of your sign to spend this day in a mode of rest and recuperation – both physical and moral: even minor matters will not be able to be put in order.


You should not communicate with people who are really dear to you: there is too much chance of quarreling with them, which can lead to a long-term conflict – think about whether you are ready for it.


Yielding to the persuasion of someone close to you and committing a negative act just because "everyone does it", you will cause moral damage to yourself, first of all, because you will regret what you have done for a long time.


You should listen to someone else's criticism only if it is expressed to you by a person you trust – the words of others can be ignored, as they are a reflection of their own problems.


Whatever topics you talk about, try to talk only about yourself: when discussing other people, you may find yourself in an awkward situation that will be difficult to get out of.