Ankita Lokhande lashes out at husband for calling marriage an investment

New Delhi:

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, Ankita Lokhande lashed out at her husband Vicky Jain for calling her marriage an investment. In fact, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Karan Johar told Ankita that Vicky calls him an investment. Although Ankita did not say anything in front of Karan, but later took a lot of news of Vicky. Ankita told Vicky that 'I knew that this issue would be raised. But you are calling me investment. What is happening outside is that people are looking at me as an investment," he said.

Vicky gave this explanation

Vicky told Ankita, 'I want to give credit to my hard work. Whatever I do from morning to evening, whatever I earn, it is all my hard work, not luck," Ankita said. In front of Isha, you kept saying 'yes it was my investment'. How can this be an investment? It is a matter of meeting me, it is a relationship of the heart. Vicky then interrupted his wife and said, "I don't believe in luck at all."

Ankita told – stupid idea

Ankita called these ideas of Vicky 'stupid' and said that then it is an investment, good for you. I can't answer that, I don't think it's right. What a silly idea, you were so confident that you would meet Ankita Lokhande in life, you were investing for it. Yes, you are logical but this is a stupid argument. However, Vicky refused to bow down and ended the conversation by saying, "Okay, that's how I talk, I can't explain to everyone."