SPOILERS; Hanang, 1,150 households with 5600 people have lost their homes in the small town of Katesh, and the nearby suburbs of Jorodom, Ganana, Katesh and Dumbeta as well as the villages of Gendabi, Sarijandu, Arukushay and Sebasi, in Hanang district, Manyara province.

According to Government Spokesperson Mobhare Matinyi, as of December 5, 2023, at 1:00 a.m., a total of 117 injured had been received at Gendabi Health Centre, Hanang District Hospital (Hope) and Manyara Provincial Referral Hospital.

"Of these injuries 18 were not in good condition and were transferred to Manyara Regional Referral Hospital for further treatment, one of whom died a day later, on December 04, 2023, at 4:00 pm.

Seventeen people are still in the hospital. Another 17 injured (who were not taken to the provincial hospital) are still receiving care at Hanang District Hospital (Hope) and Gendabi Health Center in Katesh. And the injured treated and recovering eventually allowed to return home is 74.

"The 117 casualties as of 05/12/2023 are: 61 adults: (30 men; 31 women. Children are 56 (27 men; 29 females).

"A total of 65 bodies were received and stored at Simbay Health Centre, Magugu Health Centre, Dareda Hospital, Babati City Hospital, Hanang District Hospital (Hope), and Manyara Provincial Referral Hospital.

The analysis of the 65 deceased deaths received as of 05/12/2023 is: 41 adults: (15 men; 26 women). The children are 24: (10 men; 14 women)," Matinyi said.