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The singer Miro decided to show a photo of himself taken during the barracks. He is among the men who have tried the harsh life of barracks training.

The photo sparked a huge discussion on social media.

Miro does not hide that he made a heavy barracks in the 90s, when he served in the unit in Grudovo. The abuses against him were so great that they left a lasting impression on his life, and Miro even thought about suicide.

When he was 20, the blue-eyed man of Dobrich was particularly thin, gentle and handsome as a girl, which was enough reason for others to ridicule. Because of this, Miro was regularly harassed by the superiors in the barracks, who made him do much more and more tiring physical exercises, just to prove that he was a man. But the worst came when Miro won the Golden Orpheus. This happened while he was still in his military service.

The success of the performer incurred the wrath of his "comrades", who envied Miro for fame and recognition. They began to call him "faggot", "disgusting pedal" and all sorts of other ugly epithets, and only because he was supported, and publicly supported by Emil Dimitrov.

The comments under Miro's retro photo are positive for him, writes show.blitz.

"A real man! Since there are no barracks, whole generations have become tender," wrote an admirer who also went through the harsh life of the barracks. A large part of the comments say that Miro is a terrible handsome and charmer.

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