Leo's actress had to praise animals

New Delhi:

South's top actress Trisha Krishnan is becoming a victim of people's anger these days. He has posted such a social media post about Ranbir Kapoor's film Animal that everyone is expressing anger on him. Animal is doing great at the box office. Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol's film, released this Friday, is winning the hearts of the audience every day. But there are some scenes in the animal that are being accused of being anti-women. Due to which Trisha Krishnan is facing criticism.

In fact, the Leo actress has praised the social media animal and described the film as cult. Trisha Krishnan has found it difficult to say this. Significantly, a video of Mansoor Ali Khan, famous for his negative role, has gone viral. In which he is excited to work with Trisha Krishnan. He said that he thought that he would have a bedroom scene with Trisha in the film. He has given such scenes in many films. But during the Kashmir schedule, he did not even get a chance to see Trisha. After watching this video, Trisha Krishnan has expressed her displeasure on Twitter.

No 1 fake drama queen #trisha she just acts like sweet but very venomous her pr works last two years, made her to believe she is queen of India , such hypocrite even in jalikattu , now in #animal movie issue too, do anything for attention @trishtrashers kelavisha 🤢🤢 worst pic.twitter.com/fyPoRt1xql

— Bunchy Blister 😃 (@DDenision) December 3, 2023

#TrishaKrishnan deleted her recent post about #Animal film Due To the trolls against her ✅ pic.twitter.com/nUq35iNG2I

— GetsCinema (@GetsCinema) December 3, 2023

He wrote that in the video, Mansoor Ali Khan is talking about him in a nasty way. Which according to them is the dish respectful as well as embarrassing. Which she condemns and will ensure that she does not have to do a film with her. At the same time, Trisha Krishnan gave her opinion on the dignity of women. In such a situation, social media users are trolling him fiercely for praising animals. At the same time, as the criticism of people increased, the actress deleted the post praising the animal from social media.