Every month, millions of Hong Kong people go north in search of food and drink, and at the same time, the mainland "crosses the river dragon" enters Hong Kong to open, and Shenzhen-based grilled fish brand "Tanyu" entered Sha Tin New Town Plaza last Friday (December 12). However, according to the information, catering brands such as Haidilao Hot Pot that attacked Hong Kong in the early years have only had a few branches, and Heytea has even shrunk from 1 branches at the peak to 8 at present, which shows that after a short boom, the road to entry is not easy.

Some scholars believe that Hong Kong's high rents and salaries may force the "dragon to cross the river" to sacrifice the original good quality, and it is estimated that Hong Kong people will choose to continue to spend money in the north. "It's like Haidilao and Meituan, it's not easy to survive in Hong Kong." However, some diners accepted the price of Fish Explorer, believing that it was unreasonable to compare it with the low price level in the Mainland, and even said that they would meet their friends to visit again.


The price is high, and Shenzhen is seventy percent of the people in charge of the long queue of people: the target is to stay in Hong Kong to consume diners

Haidilao and Heytea have only a few branches in Hong Kong for many years

Since the opening of the restaurant at the beginning of this year, more and more well-known mainland food and beverage brands have entered Hong Kong, such as Drooling Chongqing Noodle Restaurant, Lin Xiangling Handmade Lemon Tea, Simiantai Hot Pot Restaurant, Xiabu Xiabu Hot Pot Restaurant, Yang Guofu Malatang, Shengjin Soup Bun, Sita Old Lady Barbecue Restaurant, Taier Lao Tanzi Sauerkraut Fish, Tex Fried Chicken, etc. Some of these brands have opened more than 1,000 outlets in the mainland, or have been on Dianping's must-eat list for a long time, and have become the dominant players in specific food and beverage categories.

However, looking at the mainland brands that attacked Hong Kong in the early years, whenever the short-lived boom subsided, the road to entry was no longer smooth. For example, Haidilao Hot Pot, which is famous for its service attitude, has only opened 2017 branches since its invasion of Hong Kong in 5; After the smash hit Heytea in the mainland invaded Hong Kong in 2018, it once expanded to 8 branches, but 6 branches closed in less than two years, leaving only Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and the newly opened branch in Tsuen Wan at the end of September this year.

Little Sheep was listed in Hong Kong during its glory days, and now only the Mong Kok branch remains

As for the first batch of Little Sheep Hot Pot in Hong Kong in 2004, although the initial development was quite successful, with the opening of a number of branches in the most prosperous areas of Hong Kong, and the subsequent listing on the main board of Hong Kong in 2008. However, after Little Sheep was delisted in 2012, the whole line was closed one after another, and after 2016, only the Tsuen Wan branch was left in Hong Kong, and it was relocated to Mong Kok in recent months.

Li Zhaobo is not optimistic about the cost structure of Hong Kong and the mainland

Regarding Tanyu's entry into Hong Kong, Li Zhaobo, an honorary teaching scholar of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business at CUHK Business School, is not optimistic about its future development. He pointed out that the cost structure of Hong Kong and the mainland is different, such as high rents and salaries, or forcing Hong Kong stores to sacrifice the original good quality, "just like Haidilao and Meituan, Hong Kong is not easy to survive."

Li Zhaobo often travels north for business and has a certain understanding of mainland cuisine. For example, he pointed out that five-star hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton in Shenzhen are of the same standard as Hong Kong, but the prices are lower, and it is estimated that Hong Kong people will still go north to Shenzhen to patronize and explore fish. However, he believes that it is not without its problems to enter Hong Kong, such as facilitating the expansion of brands and promoting themselves as internationally diversified brands.

Some diners said that the price was reasonable, and they hoped to open more branches of Tanyu

The reporter went to the first Hong Kong Fish Exploration Branch yesterday for an interview, and 3:338 p.m. is not a busy time, but there are still several tables of diners. When Ms. Wang and her family passed by the mall, they were pleasantly surprised to find the Tanyu branch, so they immediately entered the store and ordered the most expensive catfish, which had been charged for 188 yuan excluding side dishes and drinks, but only 205 yuan (about 9.<> Hong Kong dollars) was charged by the mainland branch. However, she accepted the pricing of the Hong Kong branch of Tanyu and thought that it was unreasonable to compare it with the low price level in the mainland.

"Usually we go back to Shenzhen to eat as soon as we rest." Since Ms. Wong's family lives in Tin Shui Wai, adjacent to the Shenzhen Bay Port, and her hometown is located in Inner Mongolia, she often travels north to taste Sichuan or Hunan cuisine. She also smiled that she would meet friends to visit again, and hoped that Tanyu could open more Hong Kong branches in the future.

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