With the winter months, the topic of respiratory viruses this season is becoming more and more relevant. According to medical professionals, early December various flu strains are beginning to gain momentum. The most common complaints in patients are cough, fever and sore throat.

There are very few willing for Covid vaccines. There are also few who want flu vaccines, and there is a shortage of influenza, "said Dr. Pavlin Yankulski on BNT.

According to him, influenza vaccines are prevention before the actual infection.

China's Rise in Respiratory Disease Caused by Known Pathogens

"It's not a drug we use the moment the problem comes. And if the flu wave becomes relevant, we cannot counteract. Vaccines are made beforehand, "explained Dr. Pavlin Yankulski.

He explained that a sociological study could be done to show how many vaccines the population needs. "Prevention is a very important unit," the doctor said. Dr. Pavlin Yankulski explained that the most affected are the more elderly and those with chronic diseases.

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