Elections come, elections go, someone wins or someone loses, but what is special about these election results? Last time BJP lost in MP, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan... But this time we won all three places. This is the first state election since 2014, where the BJP has got such a victory. Except UP, Gujarat, everyone lost or lost... So what was different this time? The 2023 election results show that there has been a big shift in the country's politics... You can call this change the panchtattva of this election results. These five elements will have a far-reaching impact on India's politics.

What are these five elements?
The BJP tries every day to make the Modi name a brand. It seems that the work that was till now WIP i.e. Work in Progress has now been completed. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are three examples of this. In all three places, elections were fought in the name of Modi and the announcement was fought. And in all three places, it has been proved that anything is possible if Modi is there. In the last few elections, it was seen that Modi's name does not appear in state elections. But this time the name came.

Modi's name cropped up in the state elections and went strong... On the basis of this name, the BJP managed to cut the anti-incumbency in MP. No one had any idea that Baghel would lose. In Chhattisgarh, Baghel was in election mode for five years, came up with so many schemes, was constantly roaming around the state himself, even before the elections were announced. Raman Singh could not make big headlines in the election campaign, even there the election was fought in the name of Modi. Everyone knew the condition of BJP in Rajasthan, but even there, the BJP's name crossed the line in the name of Modi. In this sense, no election is local anymore, everything is national.

No election is local, everything is national!
The big thing for the country's politics is that now Modi's name is vocal in the local too. This is a big deal for the BJP in terms of the 2024 war because whenever you conduct an election Modi versus someone else, Modi will be heavy.

In the 2023 election results, the 'Shah element'
Amit Shah is not called an election Chanakya like this. For the last few elections, the BJP has been successfully removing anti-incumbency measures. Look at Uttarakhand, look at Gujarat. The CM changed there. In MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, the BJP did not announce the CM face. There was a fear of anti-incumbency in MP, so union ministers were fielded. A total of 18 MPs were elected. It was being said that this is bjp's weakness but it proved to be a strength. Anyway, when there is a war, why not take off all your weapons. In the end, victory matters, so why not wield all the power?

Elections local, leader national, what's bad?
In Rajasthan, when it was felt that Vasundhara was the safest bet, the BJP preferred her. They fielded candidates from their camp. Before the election, Vasundhara was convinced by removing Satish Poonia from the post of president. But they kept so wrong that no one else would get angry. Not surprisingly, names ranging from Om Birla to Gajendra Shekhawat cropped up as CM.

To understand how important this is, look at the Congress fights. Did the Gehlot-Pilot feud be resolved? Baghel-Singhdeo dispute resolved? Did Digvijay appear in full force? What did the high command do to bring everyone together? Have the Congress camps come together?

What was special in this election was that polarization never became a big headline. These elections proved that the BJP can win even without polarisation. If this trend continues, the BJP appears to be a natural winning party. Because if there is no polarization, the opposing voter can also come together. So maybe these elections will prove to be a game changer at the national level.

The election
seems to have broken the caste census by polarising the BJP. Such a big victory shows that from Dalits to OBCs, people have gone with the BJP. The BJP's big success in the Chambal belt also explains this. This is what the BJP's success in tribal seats shows. Just before the elections, the package of Rs 24,<> crore for the tribals has proved to be very helpful. Today you must be remembering Draupadi Murmu's name suddenly appearing for the President.

Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, the Congress could not convince the voters that it was effective even after running the government for five years. On the other hand, the BJP has managed to convince in MP that its government is effective. The election results show that the double engine government is effective not only in running the government but also in forming the government. BJP governments have the support of the Center. On the other hand, Congress governments are alone in the field. If the Ladli Behna scheme works for the BJP in MP, then Modi also has support. In Rajasthan, if there is a rift in the BJP, the central leadership takes over. This is not the case in The Congress. You can also look at the results of Chhattisgarh in this context. All the exit polls were telling that the Congress is winning, but then the BJP's victory shows that somewhere people feel that a party is better both at the Center and in the state. The voter believes that the same government is better at the Center and in the state, an example of this is that the Congress also announced one scheme after another, but the voter believed in the BJP's schemes. So the free politics that worked for the Congress in Karnataka failed in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and MP. And no one else has as much resources today to run free schemes as the BJP has. So in this sense, these elections can prove to be a pauper for the Congress in terms of tricks.

If this
is the semi-final of 2024, then BJP has won this match by a good margin. These election results have further weakened the Congress. He claims that he should be the leader of this alliance. NOW THAT IT HAS LOST MP, RAJASTHAN AND CHHATTISGARH IN A FACE-TO-FACE BATTLE WITH THE BJP, THE SMALLER AND REGIONAL PARTIES OF THE INDIA ALLIANCE WILL QUESTION THIS CLAIM OF THE CONGRESS.

The Congress' victory in
Telangana at the cost of the BRS will also upset smaller parties. IF THIS APPREHENSION INCREASES, THEN THERE IS BAD NEWS FOR THE INDIA ALLIANCE. Smaller parties will also question the Congress that if you cannot handle the conflicts within you, how will you unite the rest? There was discord in the Congress in all the three states and all these quarrels were silently watched by the Congress's Delhi Sultanate. Like an ostrich, she kept stealing her eyes from danger.

In a way, this is a very disturbing situation for the India Alliance, because if the Congress is not in
a good position, then how will it compete with the NDA and if the Congress is big, then the smaller parties will feel the threat to their existence. THERE IS ALSO A DISTURBING SITUATION BECAUSE NOW THE INDIA ALLIANCE WILL HAVE TO THINK AGAIN STRATEGY. Cast census is not working, anti-Modi campaign counter is proving to be productive, free schemes are not working. The issues on which the big leaders of the Congress sit in Delhi and hold press conferences do not seem to have any effect on the ground. EVEN BEFORE THE MOMENTUM OF THE INDIA ALLIANCE WAS FORMED, THE GAME HAS DETERIORATED.

The issues of senior Congress leaders
seem to have come to where the 2024 elections came from, at zero. It seems that the opposition is trying to bat on Modi's pitch. He is making the same speeches that have been denied. It is clear that the opposition's narrative is not working, it will have to think about something else for 2024. The problem is that Congress or India does not have much time. On the other hand, bjp's game set is visible. It seems that in the chessboard of politics, the BJP is doing tricks from both sides.

The BJP has removed all the arrows that were in the opposition's strategy. Bjp's move is clearly visible in the 2024 elections. Women's vote, youth vote, vote in the name of development, vote in the name of development schemes, vote in the name of free schemes and the strategy of bringing everyone under the umbrella of these schemes, i.e. vote in the name of 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas', hurt the OBC vote as a cut of caste census. Give everything in the world war. No hesitation.

Santosh Kumar has been associated with journalism for the last 25 years. He has worked for a long time in digital, TV and print. He has been writing on all subjects including politics.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author.