The plane is seen in the video suspended in snow and "stuck to the ground" with its nose raised upwards.

Heavy snowfall in southern Germany paralyzed Bavaria, especially in the provincial capital Munich, where air and rail traffic were disrupted on Saturday.

Munich airport announced the suspension of flights due to continued snowfall, and an airport spokesman confirmed to AFP that hundreds of flights were affected.

The meteorological service said more than 40 centimetres of snow fell in Munich overnight on Friday, and authorities called on residents to stay indoors for their own safety.

In particular, the city police advised to "avoid unnecessary travel, and not to use the car unless absolutely necessary" due to "exceptionally heavy snowfall."

Weather conditions have also led to widespread disruption to train traffic, and rail company Deutsche Bahn said Munich Central Station was currently unable to function.

Elsewhere in southern Germany, train flights are also expected to be cancelled or delayed, Deutsche Bahn warned, adding that the unrest could continue.

The snowfall caused the postponement of the match Bayern Munich and its guest Union Berlin, which was scheduled for Saturday, in the 13th stage of the Bundesliga.