The careers of 3 Bollywood actresses were ruined due to this one film.

New Delhi:

In Bollywood, any film is considered a hit when it is liked by the audience and people go to the theater and watch that film. Based on the box office collection of the film, it is decided whether the story of the film reached the audience's dunes or not. Although the series of hit and flop films in Bollywood has been going on for years, but do you know that such a disaster film was released in Bollywood, after which the film was banned for 2 months, because the film was not liked by the audience at all. Not only this, this film put the careers of three heroines at stake. Let us tell you today about this one film.

KRK ruined the careers of three actresses

You all know KRK i.e. Kamaal R Khan, who describes himself as a film critic and reviews any film before or after its release. But very few people know that in the year 2008, Kamaal R Khan had written, produced a film named 'Deshdrohi' himself and he was also its music director. This film proved to be such a big disaster at the box office that after this Kamal R Khan could never make another film.

Gracy Singh, Rishita Bhatt and Kim Sharma's careers have come to an end

Kamal R Khan made the film Deshdrohi in a huge budget of 3 crores, while its collection was only 58 lakh rupees, that is, the film proved to be a big disaster. Apart from Kamaal R Khan in this film, there were famous actresses like Lagaan film actress Gracy Singh, Mohabbatein actress Kim Sharma and Dil Vil Pyar Vyar actress Rishita Bhatt. But due to the flop of this film, the careers of these three suffered a big setback and after this these actresses also had to yearn for work. Not only this, after the flop of this film, it was banned in Maharashtra for up to 2 months, because the film was rejected by the audience.