Rajkumar Rao's film received a lot of love

New Delhi:

Many people like to watch horror films. Now the era of horror comedy has also started. Horror comedy means films that scare you but also make you laugh before the fear reaches the heart. Many films of this genre have been made, but there was one film that scared, laughed and gave a serious message while laughing. Perhaps due to this special reason, people liked this film very much and also managed to earn bumper earnings.

O woman come tomorrow...

You must have understood that the name of this film is 'Stree'. This film of Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor is also scary and laughs. And not much effort was made to create both these emotions. Light hearted but meaningful dialogues, presentations and acting made the story of this film interesting and fun. Neither special locations, heavy sets nor very expensive dresses – without which the film was made in just 15 crores and managed to earn 180 crores. Now you can guess that if the film, which was made in just 15 crores, has earned 180 crores at the box office, then how many times more the profits will be.

Such is the story

The story of the film is such that a ghost named Stree revolves around a village who picks up the men who leave the house late at night. Just those men's clothes are left behind. Just as in normal life, women shy away from leaving the house late at night. In the same way, men are told in the film to be afraid to go out. Some of Pankaj Tripathi's dialogues also show that the woman does what she says. She doesn't bother unnecessarily. In the end, the villagers get rid of the woman.