The secret of these celebs runs on social media

New Delhi:

When Ori i.e. Orhan Awatramani arrived in the 'Bigg Boss 17' house, he had a lot of discussion. Many memes and questions about him dominated social media. The biggest question is, how are they so rich when they don't do anything? Not only Ori, Urfi Javed and many others do not do any film or acting, but they rule social media. He has a strong fan following. Let's know which people are named in this list ...

Ori (Orry)

The first name in this list is Ori, who is in the discussion after appearing in 'Bigg Boss 17'. It is not that people have known Ori only after coming to the Bigg Boss house. They have been on social media for a long time. His fan following is also long. Ori is also often seen at starkids parties

Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed)

The second name in this list is model and actress Urfi Javed, who is in the headlines every day for her fashion sense. A large number of people follow and support Urfi on social media. However, Urfi is also very critical about her fashion.

Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant)

Outspoken and carefree actress Rakhi Sawant is also often on social media. His comments often become a topic of discussion. The number of fans of Rakhi is also good on social media. Rakhi Sawant has also been a part of Bigg Boss. Many times his statements also come in controversy.

Poonam Pandey (Poonam Pandey)

Next in this list is Poonam Pandey, who dominates social media with her impeccable and glamorous look. There are also many controversies in his name. She neither acts nor works in any film, but Poonam Pandey remains a sensation every day.