Two strangers found in's Instagram comment section

In a funny conversation on social media, Anupam Mittal, founder and CEO of matrimonial platform, made a comment in a viral conversation on Instagram, which is now going viral on social media.

Responding to a post in's Instagram comments inquiring about an interesting discussion that turned into a wedding conversation, Mittal joined the conversation with a funny twist.

Milan's sweet story came to light when an Instagram user named Nishika commented on post. He wrote, "If he knows the importance of 'space', then yes from my side."

To this, a user named Shreyansh Pandey replied with a cute joke. Nishika was impressed with the funny comment and commented, that it was a really sweet reply. After this, Shreyansh's funny reaction came out, where he said that it is time to ask his mother to delete his account.

Addressing the same comment, the shark tank investor asked what was going on and jokingly questioned if they were thinking of their platform. gave a sweet response to the viral screenshot of the conversation between these two strangers on X. wrote, "The business will continue to grow, let's move forward now."

She also posted a heartwarming letter in her recent X post.

Sometimes the couple makes the above and sometimes the comment section 🥹

— (@ShaadiDotCom) November 30, 2023

So you saw how love finds you everywhere, and this lovely story is the best proof of that...