It's good when there are a lot of them, and it's very bad when there are few, and here there is no day to day.

Who can expect financial success this week – from December 4 to 10?


The offer of a new position, which may come these days, will turn out to be objectively promising – both in career and material terms – so you can agree to it without much thought.


The things that you will have to take on at this time should be truly grandiose – this is the only way you will be able to make money on them, small and insignificant tasks will be a waste of time and effort.


It is better to postpone serious financial decisions for at least a week, otherwise you can make a serious mistake, and this will entail serious – including material – consequences.


Professional – and financial – success awaits those who will be able to work according to a clear plan drawn up in advance, without being distracted by constant smoke breaks and empty conversations that will take time and effort.


You should not do something that brings neither money nor pleasure, it will leave an unpleasant feeling of wasted time: you can avoid it by choosing a useful business in every sense.


In case of a lack of finances, you should seek help from loved ones – relatives or friends, but it is undesirable to take a loan from a bank: serious problems may arise with its repayment.


It is necessary to carefully analyze the information that will come from the most unexpected sides: it will be very important and useful in work, which, in turn, will have a positive effect on wages.


Despite the fact that there are only a few steps left to achieve an important professional – and financial goal, you should not rush with them: you can make a mistake that nullifies all efforts.


The time is favorable for financial transactions of any complexity, from minor to serious, but it is especially recommended to sign contracts designed for the long term.


The time will be favorable for those whose profession is related to creativity, however, even techies need to solve their problems from a creative point of view - so they will be able to make an extraordinary move.


A favorable period for those who have long been thinking about a very necessary, but expensive purchase: its time has come – everything purchased at this time will serve faithfully for many years.


It is important to spend the unexpected – and therefore especially pleasant – profit that can come at this time wisely: for example, you can buy things that the representatives of the sign have long dreamed of.