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The rise in respiratory disease in China has been caused by known pathogens and there are no signs of new infectious diseases, a health official said. The country is facing its first ever winter since the lifting of strict restrictions on Covid-19.

The surge in morbidity in the country, where Covid-2019 emerged at the end of 19, attracted attention after the World Health Organization sought information last week, citing a report on a number of cases of undiagnosed pneumonia in children.

Chinese authorities will open more pediatric outpatient clinics, seek to ensure more elderly people and children receive flu vaccines and encourage people to wear masks and wash their hands, Mi Feng, an official of China's National Health Commission, told a news conference.

Chinese doctors and experts abroad have not expressed alarm about the outbreaks in China, given that many other countries have seen a similar increase in respiratory diseases after easing pandemic measures.

WHO: China's respiratory disease growth not as high as before pandemic

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