St. Nicholas Day is a favorite family holiday! We believe that St. Nicholas will come to us and leave a gift. It doesn't matter if it's under the pillow, under the bed or on the windowsill... And an interesting book in general will be a great gift, because by rereading it, you can keep a festive mood for the whole year.

A book under the Christmas tree. Winter assembly. – Kh.: ACCA

A book under the Christmas tree. Winter Assembly

This book will be a great surprise for the New Year holidays, and in particular on St. Nicholas Day. This wonderful collection will bring joy to your inquisitive, smart and curious kids, and will not leave adults indifferent. After all, it includes time-tested old Ukrainian fairy tales, stories and poems about winter holidays and entertainment. And also carols and shchedrivky that will delight grandparents. And since both St. Nicholas Day and New Year and Christmas are the most favorite holiday of most adults and children, because it is at this time that real miracles happen, it is worth preparing for them properly. And you need to start in advance, remembering that a book is not only a wonderful gift, but also the creation of a festive New Year's atmosphere. In particular, this book contains real holiday stories that will teach warmth and kindness. Fairy tales under the Christmas tree are suitable for inquisitive children who believe in a New Year's miracle and want to experience these holidays together with fairy-tale characters from books. Beautiful poems can be learned and told under the Christmas tree, and Christmas carols will come in handy for Christmas. There are many little-known carols in the book. A wonderful gift that will be appreciated by an inquisitive and comprehensively developed child

Nadiya Herbish, Yaroslav Hrytsak. The Big Christmas Book. – K.: Portal

The Big Christmas Book

Getting acquainted with this unique book, you remember that Christmas is a holiday with a special atmosphere of hope and miracle. For example, there are many touching examples in history, such as the armistice during World War II, when the same carol was heard on both sides of the front. This time, the voices of the two authors are intertwined, each time adding new meanings and intonations to the conversation about the brightest holiday. Historical facts, reflections on the birth of God, traditional and commercial symbols, Christmas in mass culture — a mosaic of themes that creates a special Christmas consonance. "What and how do we know about Christmas?", "Christmas cards", "Animals for Christmas", "Animals for Christmas", "Christmas in the USSR", "Christmas stories under Stalin" and even "The Beatles" and Christmas" - these are the names of not all chapters of this book. Also, the uniqueness of the publication is the components that help adults find the right words to discuss psychological moments with children and a deeper understanding of the historical context: a printed book and a detailed background behind a QR code.

Maggie Knox. Exchange for Christmas. – K.: Knigolove

Exchange for Christmas

In this book, a wonderful gift for the New Year holidays, we are told a romantic, dramatic, funny and not without adventures story for everyone who needs this atmosphere of the approaching holidays in cold November, something easy to relax and be in a good mood. Twins Charlie and Cass Goodwin are passionate about cooking and confectionery. Charlie lives in Los Angeles and stars in the popular cooking show Sweet and Salty. And Cass runs the family's Woodburn Bakery in his hometown of Starlight Peak. Twelve days before Christmas, when both sisters have the hottest working season of the year, one of them is injured and loses her sense of taste and smell. Another sister goes to the rescue and swaps places with her twin. These 12 days will be eventful and will turn their whole life upside down, they will face trials, new acquaintances and even feelings. How will it all end? Will they be able to avoid the consequences through their exchange and find a recipe for a festive mood

Elena Lebedeva. Katrusa's letters to St. Nicholas and Grandma. – K.: The Time of the Masters

Katrusa's Letters to St. Nicholas and Grandmother

This is a fairy tale that will warm readers in the middle of winter, will interest the child in correspondence, because writing letters and waiting for an answer to them create an invisible but strong connection between people. According to the plot of Elena Lebedeva's book "Katrusya's Letters to St. Nicholas and Grandmother", little Katrusia does not yet know how to write. And everything would be fine, because the world in which she lives is already magical. "Katrusa has a cat named Murka," we find out. - It is a very intelligent cat because it can talk. However, only Katrusia understands Murka, and adults think that she just meows like an ordinary cat. Katrusia also has a Mom and Dad. In addition to them, Katrusa has a beloved Grandmother. She lives far away, Martusya the cat lives with her. Whenever the winter holidays come, Grandma comes to stay and brings a big gift for Katrusa. Katrusia has been waiting for this for a long time. One fine day winter came, it (as always) happened on the first of December, because winter usually comes on the first of December, not earlier and not later. "Hooray! Soon it will be St. Nicholas Day and Grandma will come," the girl thought. As for the ability to write, which will come in handy, it doesn't matter, because you can draw a letter! And not only to St. Nicholas, but also to Grandma, who is ill and cannot come for the holidays. The girl understands the cat's language and believes that St. Nicholas fulfills her cherished desires, but she does not yet know that letters sent with love hide amazing power... But soon Katrusia will reveal this secret, because now, as an adult, she has a key - the key to the mailbox.

Daria Antsibor. Under the pillow or under the Christmas tree? – K.: Laboratory

Under the pillow or under the Christmas tree?

It is known that around the whirlwind of winter holidays, in addition to magic, there are always questions of a historical component. What symbols are full of traditional and modern Ukrainian Christmas? Why are we waiting for St. Nicholas and what connection does he have with Santa? Who is Santa Claus and is it true that he is completely a product of Soviet culture? When did Ukrainians start decorating the Christmas tree and can we say that it replaced the grandfather? How did the practices of celebrating Christmas coexist in cities and villages? How were the new canons of the holiday formed under the influence of the Soviet government and in the times of independence? All this can be found in Daria Antsybor's book "Under the Pillow or Under the Christmas Tree?", which will help you find out how and when these ideas were established. "Initially, the practice of giving each other gifts at Christmas did not exist," says the author. - It was associated with the biblical story of the Three Wise Men later. Initially, symbolic gifts to children were associated with St. Nicholas of Myra. Today, many Ukrainians believe that St. Nicholas is primordial, organic, specific, authentic, in a word, our true giver. Instead, Santa Claus is an artificially created old man in Soviet times. However, in reality, everything was much more confusing, and therefore more interesting. In the Slavic territories, St. Nicholas had its own peculiarities, and it is very important to understand this in order to get a complete picture."