Long before Kate became the Princess of Wales, she was just Kate Middleton - a girl from a wealthy British family and a student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. In 2002, when the girl was finishing her first year, she was invited to take part in the Dont Walk charity student fashion show.

That evening, 19-year-old Kate walked the catwalk in several looks, including: a bright sweater, a black T-shirt with jeans, a khaki evening dress, a swimsuit and a transparent dress by Charlotte Todd. The last outfit had no straps, it was designed personally by Charlotte, who was studying textiles in Bristol at the time.

It was made in size 48 from black and gold jersey with turquoise and blue inserts, the bottom of the dress was decorated with a satin turquoise ribbon tied with a bow. On the catwalk, the girl's image was also complemented by black shoes, voluminous curls and ribbons woven into them. At that time, the cost of a sheer dress was $58.

Kate Middleton's dress / Photo: Getty Images

Prince William was also at the same screening on March 26, 2002. The guy bought a ticket to a fashion show for almost $300 to sit in the front row. The legend of Kate and William's relationship says that it was that evening that the prince paid attention to the girl, although they had already known each other before, because they lived in the same dormitory, periodically crossed paths and even became friends. It is said that when Kate walked the catwalk in a sheer dress, the prince was stunned and whispered to a friend, "Wow, Kate is hot!". At the party after the show, William approached the newly-made model, they talked and allegedly even the heir to the throne tried to kiss her. After this story leaked to the press, the transparent dress increased in price a lot, and when the prince proposed to Middleton and they got married in front of the whole world, the outfit became an important part of British fashion history.

Kate Middleton's dress / Photo: Getty Images

"It was the end of their first year. I was there and there were a lot of attractive girls there. She was in a very bold dress, in a transparent dress that looked like a stocking. He was sitting in the front row, and his eyes were 5 cents," said Ben Duncan, a classmate of the couple.

The designer herself admitted that she does not know how this outfit ended up on the future princess, because she was not at the show. Charlotte said she was simply asked to send a collection, but she didn't know Kate and never spoke to her. The sewn dress was back in 2000 and was originally conceived as a skirt, but apparently the organizers of the show decided that Kate should wear the outfit as a dress.

"I don't know if Kate decided to wear this dress or if someone wore her in this dress. So, I don't know if she intended to be there in her underwear in front of the prince," she said.

Designer Charlotte Todd and the dress she created / Photo: Associated Press

Todd also said that during the development of the dress, she started from the theme "The Art of Seduction". So in a sense, if the legend of how William fell in love with Kate when he saw her in this dress is not fiction, then the outfit worked exactly as the designer intended.

But after the wedding of Kate and William, Charlotte did not want to keep the dress anymore and decided to sell it. The designer explained her decision by the excessive interest of the press in her person because of this outfit and the fact that it was simply dangerous to keep such a valuable thing. Prior to the sale, the dress was kept in a box at her mother's house.

Thus, in 2011, this iconic outfit of Kate was put up for auction by Carrie Taylor, who estimated that a knitted dress would cost between 8 and 10 thousand pounds. However, during the auction, the dress was sold for a whopping sum - 78 thousand pounds (at that time - 125,871 thousand dollars). It is not known who exactly bought the outfit, since only the buyer's agent was in the hall that day, who said that his boss was "Nick from Jersey". (Jersey is an island in the English Channel between England and France).

"It's an iconic thing, and he's very happy with the purchase. It's a great addition to his collection," the agent said.

Charlotte, on the other hand, was stunned by the amount received for the outfit in which Kate stayed on the catwalk for less than ten minutes. The designer noted that for the money received, most likely, she and her husband will buy a house, but it is unknown whether this really happened.

Kate Middleton's dress / Photo: Getty Images

Today, of course, it is impossible to imagine Kate in this dress, but she treats this story with humor, and even a year after the wedding, she publicly joked about her fashion show. This happened when she spoke to a crowd of students from her alma mater at a charity event dedicated to the school's 600th anniversary.

"I hope you didn't participate in the fashion show. You never know what you're going to be asked to wear," she joked.