Medics and patients gathered in front of "Pirogov" in defense of the head of the pediatric surgery clinic. The reason for the dissatisfaction is that prof. Hristo Shivachev is "torn" at the competition for head of the unit, which he currently heads.

After the regular competition for Head of the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery, prof. Shivachev was not allowed to his next stage because he received a lower than necessary score. His colleagues say it is not justified.

"We support our boss in his endeavor to prove his rightness," surgeon Dr. Georgi Ivanov told BTV.

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Shivachev thanked for the support and asked for the documents from the competition to be published.

"Either I'm an average trooper who has to stand in a corner, or I'm not. Let's check it out. We give life every day. One such assessment is for the entire clinic and for this reason I cannot agree with it, "commented prof. Hristo Shivachev.

The director of "Pirogov" said that he is yet to make a decision and specified that he is not obliged to comply with the assessment.

"I will judge according to my conscience so that the best decision is made for Pirogov. In the case of prof. Shivachev doesn't even have drama because he's the only candidate. Prof. Shivachev is a national consultant, no one releases him from his job, "said Dr. Valentin Dimitrov, director of Pirogov.

The Chairman of the Health Committee in the National Assembly also heads the committee that evaluated Shivachev.

"All the grades I have given to all candidates allow them to move forward. My rating is 1 out of 5 or 7. It was a surprise to me that assessment as well. Prof. Shivachev will be the head of the clinic of surgery. There was a conversation with him, a conversation was held with the director, "explained prof. Kostadin Angelov.

Prof. Shivachev also supported several medical associations, as well as medics from many hospitals in Bulgaria.

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