Olena Zelenska spoke online at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, an important cultural event for the entire Spanish-speaking world.

The First Lady urged Latin American readers, whose countries are well aware of what it means to fight for freedom, to learn about the struggle that Ukraine is currently waging.

She also said that as part of the fair, the first Ukrainian bookshelf in Latin America was opened at the Public Library of the State of Jalisco.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

"Our project has already acquired a global scale: 190 Ukrainian shelves opened in 44 countries of the world have 45 thousand books – ours and about us, in Ukrainian and translated into different languages.

Through these books, we talk to the world, talk about ourselves and our culture, and the world can learn about us not only from the news, but also from deeper works – to learn and understand.

Ukrainian bookshelves are one of the important cultural diplomacy projects that I take care of. Ukraine to be heard louder and louder and everywhere - to everyone who wants to hear," Zelenska said.

For the speech, the First Lady chose a black business suit, to the lapel of which she attached an exquisite black brooch in the form of a flower. She accentuated her waist with a black leather strap.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

Elena complemented the outfit with a beautiful hairstyle with curls, delicate makeup and golden stud earrings.

Recall that Olena Zelenska in a green suit and stilettos took part in the conference.