The expert told E what professionals pay attention to when buying Christmas trees so that they are healthy and last until Christmas.

There are certain things that will show if a tree is healthy enough to stay bright and lush throughout the holiday season.

Scent of wood

Different trees smell different, but a strong, pleasant and fresh aroma is a good indicator of a healthy tree. A musty and moldy smell is a sign of possible decomposition.

Evenly spaced branches

The uniform arrangement of the branches shows that the tree has been properly cared for. Any bare areas mean that the tree is under stress, which means it won't last until Christmas.

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The first and simplest thing that Christmas tree buyers should pay attention to is the color. It is necessary that your tree has as bright and green a look as possible. Remember to carefully inspect the entire tree to make sure there are no areas with gray or brown needles.

Condition of the needles

Make sure the needles are flexible, as stiff needles that break easily are the first sign of a dying tree.

Needle fall

You can check the needles by running your hands over the branches or tapping on the tree trunk. Keep in mind that there will be some needle drop, but if too much falls, it's worth looking for a fresher tree.

Storage conditions

Choose a tree that is stored in a partially shaded location. Trees that have been stored in this way will have an easier time adapting when they are moved indoors.

Sturdy trunk

A strong trunk is essential for safety and is a positive sign of a healthy Christmas tree. This shows that the tree was well cared for and developed properly.