Folk singer Emilia surprised her fans with a post in which she talks about the other life.

Her post, accompanied by a beautiful photo, actually turned out to be an announcement of her new track.

The post reads: "From another life we seem to know each other, and in another life my heart seems to have robbed. Love like 100, I have to admit. It was also written, "I forgive you."

Whether the message is not addressed to Emilia's partner – Georges Bashur, it is very likely that the song is a personal confession.

And while Emilia's fans competed to congratulate her and show how they eagerly await her new song, there were also such comments in which they emphasized the spelling of the folk-laden woman.

"I listen to your music and follow you here, but to read the publications is torture. After punctuation marks, a distance is placed. Pay attention to your supporting profile," a critical fan wrote

Emilia's husband faces bankruptcy

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