Bigg Boss brought in influencers

New Delhi:

There was a time when Salman Khan's talk was heard very carefully in Bigg Boss. The contestants present in the Bigg Boss house used to respect the words of the brother wholeheartedly. He believed what he said and did not openly say anything to him. But now times have changed and emotions have also changed. Similarly, the situation of the Bigg Boss house has also changed. Now far from paying attention to what the brother says, now he is not called anything after the weekend war. It started with Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. In which YouTubers Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav talked about many types of followers of the brother and Abhishek also made many jokes about his followers. Not only this, he considered himself bigger than the show, while Elvish Yadav had even said that he would return the Bigg Boss trophy. After this, the entire army of YouTubers came to Bigg Boss 17. There were also some who targeted Bhaijaan and despised him.

Examples of this are Anurag Doval and Khanzadi, popularly known as UK Riders. Now after Anurag Doval's voice against Bigg Boss makers and Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 17, Khanzadi has also expressed his anger. In the weekend ka vaar of Bigg Boss 17, you saw that Khanzadi does a lot of drama about her illness and in the middle of the shoot, she talks about leaving the show in front of Salman Khan. Not only this, she leaves the shoot and goes to the bathroom and does not come out. While Bigg Boss requests to leave the show.

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Apart from Khanzadi, since the beginning of the show, Anurag Doval has been seen commenting on the show's makers and host Salman Khan, due to which Bhaijaan does not even talk to him on weekend war. While he is also ready to pay a sum of 17 crores to get out of Bigg Boss 2 for dragging Bro Sena into the show. Meanwhile, according to the latest news, an update related to the weekend war of Bigg Boss 17 has come out that this week Karan Johar will be seen hosting not Salman Khan. However, the reason for this has not been revealed. But some people say that due to the growing misbehavior of Anurag Doval and Khanzadi, host Salman Khan has not become a part of the show.