The Audit Commission investigated the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the report was released yesterday (29th), alleging that 33 restaurants of CUHK illegally entertained street customers other than CUHK students and staff. "HK01" today (30th) measured the purchase of food in three restaurants of CUHK, even though two restaurants posted notices outside the doors indicating that they were entertaining staff and students, but did not require reporters to show their staff cards or student IDs to buy food.
Some CUHK students are of the view that the strict prohibition of eating by people outside the University in CUHK canteens does not seem to be in line with the practice of an open university, and that the Government's requirements need to be subject to the actual situation.

There are no notices in 13 restaurants, only staff and students

According to the Food Business Regulation, canteens in schools for the exclusive use of their students are not classified as food businesses and therefore canteens of post-secondary institutions are not required to apply for a food business licence. The Audit Commission's investigation found that a total of 29 restaurants in CUHK provided canteen services to outsiders without verifying the identity of their customers, and 13 of them did not display notices stating that they could only serve CUHK students and staff.

At a café in Lee Wai Chun Building, the reporter indicated that he wanted to dine inside, but the staff asked the reporter to place an order at the cashier first, without reminding that only CUHK students and staff were allowed to eat. Later, before placing an order, the reporter asked if he needed to show his staff card or student ID card before he could buy it, and the staff felt strange and hesitated for a while before answering "yes".

At a café in Lee Wai Chun Building, staff members were vigilant only after learning that the reporter was an outsider, and they did not accept outsiders on the evening. (Photo by Chen Baolin)

The tea restaurant said that there has always been a notice, but it has recently changed the notice

After the reporter identified himself, he further inquired about the beginning of the rule that people outside the school were not allowed to eat, and the restaurant staff said that this rule had always been in place in the past, and pointed to the notice on the glass door, saying that only CUHK students and staff were entertained. Asked if the notice had only been posted recently, the restaurant staff claimed that the notice was "always there", and that a smaller notice had been posted next to it before it was replaced "recently".

The reporter successfully ordered the dine-in well-known West Toast

The West Toast, a restaurant at Chung Chi College, has always been popular with the outside world. The cafeteria is divided into indoor and outdoor seating, and a sign has been erected at the entrance of the cafeteria stating that the cafeteria is for CUHK staff and students only. The reporter then entered the indoor seat with the staff on duty, and after the staff knew the number of diners, they directly arranged to take a seat, and did not ask the reporter to show his staff card or student ID card to verify his identity, and the reporter successfully stayed in the restaurant for about half an hour and had a meal. Later, other diners entered the restaurant without any form of identification by the staff.

There was no identity check in the cafeteria near the exit of the school

The reporter then went to the door of an upstairs canteen near the MTR station and Chi Byo Road, where there was also a notice saying "for staff and students only", and placed the order directly at the cashier, until the moment before the payment, the staff did not give a reminder or verify their identity. The reporter asked if it was necessary to show the CUHK staff card and student ID card to purchase, and the restaurant staff replied that no, the price was already the discounted student price. The reporter asked again if non-students and staff could not buy it, and the staff replied, "No, you can buy it." A staff member revealed that in the past, some tourists could come to dine, but after the report of the Audit Commission was released, they did not receive a reminder from the manager that they needed to check the guests' documents.

Some CUHK students believe that if CUHK restaurants require customers to show staff or student IDs before doing business, "it does not seem to be in line with the practice of an open university". The picture shows Yasumoto International Academic Park. (Photo by Chen Baolin)

CUHK students: The identity check is not in line with the University's practice

CUHK student Ng (pseudonym) believes that regardless of the government's requirements, the operation of the restaurant depends on the actual situation. More people from outside the university came in at the CUHK Open Day, saying bluntly that if the CUHK restaurant requires customers to show their staff or student ID cards to do business, "it doesn't seem to be in line with the practice of an open university". Another student pointed out that the students had limited time to eat, and they were in a hurry, and if the restaurant needed to check their documents, it would take a lot of time, thinking that there was no need for it: "I want to eat and be scared, because it is far away to go out, and if I want to eat, I will try to eat in a wide range of areas."

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