Today, November 29, representatives of all zodiac signs need to abandon the implementation of important projects, but it is better for three of them not to do anything at all.


Taurus is perhaps the only sign in the entire zodiac circle that knows how to do nothing and, importantly, enjoy it. It will not be difficult for them to spend today resorting to idleness, the main thing - according to the law of meanness - will not start moving mountains.


It is not easy for Cancers, who are constantly trying to improve their home, to give up this activity: having freed themselves from professional duties, they will hardly be able to sit still at home, however, if they do not want to break or break something, they will have to do it.


Capricorns do not know how to sit idly by, so today can be painful for them - in the truest sense of the word. They need to find an activity on which absolutely nothing depends, so even if it ends in failure, no one will worry – for example, try embroidery.