Not far from us his astonishing investment in the recent deal between Hamas and Israel when he declared that Hamas' failure to date to release a single American hostage was due to one reason: the lack of respect for Hamas and the negotiating committees for America and its leadership, and that this is a very sad and dark period in America, hinting that this is due to the policies pursued by the current president.

At home, Trump's candidacy for the presidency seems inevitable, as there are no polls without him leading it.

No American sees him as the "awaited cowboy" who will restore America's power that is being dissipated by the Democrats and thus will remain his shadow in American society by believing that he is the savior whose power develops and accelerates.

Also at home, there is this media tsunami of shedding light on former UN envoy Nikki Haley as she can compete with Trump early next year in the Republican elections, but Trump remains at the forefront even if the dominant media (Mainstream) inside America has its power and technical might.

Trump remains ahead of every challenger, whether Haley or DeSantis, in the polls, as in my opinion, Republican voters are more than 50 percent in favor of Trump.

This confirms a report published hours earlier by the Brookinger Center and the New York Times over the weekend that the wealthy Republican Party is fully convinced that Trump is the party's nominee and that they are obligated to support him in campaign fundraising.

Strange order President Trump even spectrum and his populist way has become captivating other peoples has pushed (Swedish Democrats) hours ago candidate Jamie Akesson to the leadership pyramid in the party for nothing but that he resembles President Trump in his theses as said party members and has become (Trump fever) afflicts many politicians as we saw in Argentina and has become the Supreme Leader, who blessed the victory of Javier, saying to him: Make Argentina great again, as he saw America returning to its glory.

Here in Washington and near the Capitol, a friend in Congress told me that he attended an American football game with President Trump and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in Columbia, South Carolina, and that he was amazed at the true love of President Trump when he went down the field with South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, as many Americans are repeating Trump's phrase that his only crime he committed was fearlessly defending America against those Those who seek to destroy it has become and will remain the most prominent phenomenon in the history of American elections, and the term (Trumpian phenomenon) has become an indisputable fact, and this phenomenon has been able to consolidate theses that seemed in the past decades faded and forgotten, such as (America First), (anti-globalization) and (saving Protestant Christians) - white people - from the rise of blacks, people of color and other races, not to mention his withdrawal from agreements that harmed the American economy, and today - that is, Trump - returns to be a renewed phenomenon that was the difficulties that afflicted him During Biden's years that are about to end, they are the "doping" of that Trumpian phenomenon and the blows that gave it tremendous power, so the trial did not harm him, but rather marketed him electorally from where his opponents did not respond, nor the issue of job negligence through the accusation of detaining official documents in his home and resort that resonated with his supporters, nor did the attempt to weaken him in the corridors of the Republican Party and among his party's supporters harmed him, but even increased his popularity among them remarkably, nor did the incident of storming the Capitol destroy his political future, even if It harmed the Republican Party, but remained the largest number in the equations of American politics, and its ideas became closer to the "beliefs" of many Americans, whose feelings were tickled by the methodology of national and religious fanaticism that he proclaims, leading to his war of words against Mexico and African Americans, as well as the contempt of his team for everything that is not American.

The Trumpian phenomenon, when you see it, immediately precedes the possibility of chaos in political relations in the world and non-compliance with strategies that the American empire has lived on for long decades, such as being keen to interfere in all the affairs of the other world, leading it through American eyes, and interfering in its economy and the affairs of its societies. Indeed, understanding the foreign policy of the United States in the coming era of Trump will be difficult to read its features. The national security strategy in the previous Trump era was launched from indifference to international agreements concluded and relations other than Stable with partners in NATO and the European Union.

The Trumpian phenomenon is astonishing. When I met President Trump at his team's presidential resort, I immediately remembered the so-called "one-man theater", which even if there were dozens of actors with him, your eyes cannot be removed from him as if there is no other, but as if he had become one of the heroes of American series whose episodes exceed thousands and are still shown sequentially for decades to this day. With narrow nationalism and superiority over others, along with excessive narcissism, astonishing commercial success, and repeated accusations against opponents on the radical left, communists, Marxists, fascists, and even moderate republicans and all political opponents as "insects."

Today, Trump is also ahead of Joe Biden in the polls, as announced on Sunday by The Hill, NBC, Politico magazine in its issue this month, and even the New York Times in its poll in cooperation with the University of Siena, and his positive rating is now more than 42 percent, according to the polls of the site (FiveThirty Eight), despite his announcement this month that there will be no place in America for any supporter or supporter of Hamas, despite the tragic events that the Middle East has experienced since October 7.

Today, Trump announces that his next economic plan in a year will be based on reducing federal regulations, tax cuts for individuals and companies, pressuring the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, creating what he called "cities of freedom" to stimulate job growth, technological innovation, and restricting legal and illegal immigration through the principle of "promoting strict immigration policies."

Most Americans are waiting for the noisy and bustle return of an American president whose Trumpian charisma is impossible to repeat even after 100 years.