The man was arrested after being intercepted while wearing a guard suit printed with "Light Time" at the airport and attempting to leave for Taiwan. He was charged with three counts of "doing one or more acts with seditious intent" and "possession of seditious publications", and the case was heard in the West Kowloon Courts today (29th). The defendant is not required to answer a plea and the case is adjourned to January 1 next year. The defence applied for bail on behalf of the defendant and was remanded in the custody of the Correctional Services Department.

It is understood that the defendant was involved in wearing a sweatshirt printed with "Light Time" at the airport, and then wearing short clothes printed with "Hong Kong independence" inside. In addition, the defendant's backpack consisted of three "light time" flags and a piece of clothing with the word "light time" printed on it.

The defendant, Chu Kai-pong, was charged with sedition and taken to the West Kowloon Courts for mention. (File photo)

The defendant, Chu Kai-pong, 26, claimed to be unemployed and held a Hong Kong identity card. He is charged with committing one or more acts with seditious intent on November 11 this year, namely wearing a shirt emblazoned with statements and publicly displaying such statements with the intent of: to cause hatred or contempt for the Central Authorities and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or to provoke rebellion against them; inciting Hong Kong residents to attempt to procure a change in a law-based matter in Hong Kong without following lawful channels; incitement to violence; Encouraging others to disobey the law or disobey lawful orders.

The offence of possession of seditious publications refers to the defendant's possession of seditious publications, i.e. seditious publications with the same intent with the same intent in the possession of three flags and a shirt printed with statements on or near boarding gate No. 205 at the Hong Kong Airport on or near boarding gate No. 3 on the same day.

In addition, he was charged with possession of an identity card belonging to a woman, Liu Xiaoli, on the same day and in the same place, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

The prosecution said in court that during the adjournment of the case, further investigations would be conducted, including checking the defendant's mobile phone and social media, to investigate whether other charges were involved.

Case No.: WKCC5138/2023

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