Seeing the explosions happening inside the ground, people said what is this?

There is a wealth of videos in the internet world that surprise you and make you think. One such video has surfaced, in which something is seen happening, which once makes the heart shudder as to what is happening. Even the person who posted this video full of mystery could not understand this secret and shared it on social media to find the answer. You will also be stunned to see the rocks rising inside the ground in the video.

'What's going on'

In a video shared on X (Twitter) from an account named Figen, a road is suddenly seen bursting. It seems that there is a serial blast happening inside the ground or a giant animal is tearing the ground and rising up. The video looks quite scary at first glance. The sudden bursting road and a balloon of smoke raise the same question in the minds of those who watch the video, what is happening? While captioning the video, the same question has been asked, 'What is that'.

Whoa what is that?

— Figen (@TheFigen_) November 27, 2023

Users put their minds to it

After being shared, the video has been viewed more than 17 million times and has received more than 23 thousand likes. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, "Blast for excavation. Another wrote, Sandworm. One user pointed out that this is pipeline blasting, which is done to clear paths or make way for pipelines, it involves carefully charging and exploding to dig the ground and allowing access to different areas such as rocky areas or soil.