The Tanzania Education Institute (TET) has signed agreements with five non-governmental institutions aimed at improving education in the country in various fields.

The institutions include Project Gift who have entered into an agreement to train teachers and students by providing quality training material, the OCODE Institute itself will be responsible for teaching students and teachers life skills that will help them in everyday life.

Another institution is Build Hub itself has entered into an agreement to provide appropriate technology use training for teachers and students, the Foundation for Disabilities Hope will provide sign language training from pre-school to teaching colleges.

Another institution is Right To Play, which will set out the content of various guidelines for digital learning methods.

Speaking after signing the agreement, TET Director General Dr Aneth Komba said that the Tanzania Institute of Education appreciates the ongoing stakeholder contribution to improving education in the country, while stressing TET will continue to provide cooperation on various issues in the area of education.

He said the agreement came at the right time when improvements to the country's education policies and curriculum, through which stakeholders have agreed to ensure the improvements that have been made.

In the case of the institutions that entered into the agreement with TET they thanked the Government through the Tanzania Institute of Education for creating a positive environment for cooperation that provides a place for non-government institutions to work better in serving the people, especially in the area of education.