Shah Rukh Khan's darling Suhana Khan is soon making her Bollywood debut, her film 'The Archie' is ready for release next month. Meanwhile, Suhana is constantly engaged in promotions, but in the meantime, she is doing or saying something or the other, due to which she is becoming the target of trolls on social media. Recently, Suhana described Alia Bhatt as a role model, after which she is getting trolled fiercely and people are comparing her to Ananya Pandey's struggling statement.

Suhana was trolled for this statement

In a recent discussion about the role of youth in environmental conservation, Suhana Khan praised Alia Bhatt and said that at the National Film Awards, she repeated her wedding saree, she contributed to the environment by not wearing new clothes. "Recently, Alia wore her wedding saree again for the National Awards and I think she influences people, I think it was unbelievable and a much-needed message," Suhana said. So we can also wear an outfit again for a party."

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Can't believe people have to go through such a struggle.. Traumatizing.. These are the real achievers..

— Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) November 28, 2023

However, Suhana is being trolled a lot on social media for her statement of 'contributing' to the environment by repeating a dress. People say that repeating outfits is very normal, but the way Suhana cited Alia's example and described it as a commendable work is surprising. A user shared the video of Suhana's interview and wrote, 'Can't believe that people have to go through this kind of struggle ... Painful.. These are the real achievers," he said.

@sidkannan Ananya Pandey's struggle is nothing more than this papa's innings.. May God give such a struggle to everyone.

— @sharing_genes (@GenesSharing4) November 28, 2023

Another commented, "Ananya Pandey's struggle is nothing. In front of this papa's angel.. May God give such a struggle to everyone.

Can I be considered as the role model for this change. As i repeat my clothes not for 2nd time, but for years.

— Whitewolf (@whitewolf140) November 28, 2023

"Can I be considered a role model for this change as I repeat my clothes not twice but for years?