Swimmer Mihail Krastev is the first finalist to drop out of the "Games of Will" season 5 in the last week of extreme reality. He lost the elimination battle against Ivan Ralev and Blagomir Mastagarkov and was a special guest in the official podcast of the extreme reality show "After the Games".

In front of the host Iva Ivanova Mihail said that the stay of Purgatory for more than a month has affected him very badly and has cost him his place in the final. The swimmer lost 17 pounds and lost much of his strength. Speaking of Purgatory, Mikhail says that in case he had to have a choice to save Nicole or Tsetso, he would have washed Nicole because she was closer to him. In "After the Games" he also answers the question what would be his choice between Denislava and Nicole.

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Mikhail says he regrets not nominating Violetta to the last council because it could have saved him from the elimination battle. Going into the "Games of Will" he did not expect that there would be so many strategically prepared players. Favorite for his victory is Momchil Vasilev, and most regretted that they did not face each other in the Arena.

In "After the Games" Mikhail told about the business of his family. They worked with stones and marble, and he often had to design tombstones, contributing to the exterior of the graves. The swimmer says he likes his job.

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