Seeing this strange question asked in the job interview will make the mind wander

Amid the challenging job market, companies are adopting innovative methods for interviewing, turning the application process into an unexpected journey. In such a situation, a strange question from a company has surprised the Internet. One of Nugget's Instagram posts shared a screenshot from a job application, which was originally posted by user @beetagolsh, and has since gone viral. The question asked, "What will you do with an elephant that you cannot sell or give to anyone?"

The interview question, which has gone viral, highlights the unconventional approach adopted by some companies. Since being posted, the post has received nearly 82 thousand likes and a lot of funny reactions from people.

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One user wrote, "Simple answer. I will take that elephant and find a circus that is ready to train it and pay me whenever they use my elephant. This way I can earn passive income from the elephant that was gifted to me."

Another user commented, "Open the fridge, put the elephant inside and close the fridge." The third user joked, "Put it in my office so that whenever we have a business meeting I can say 'Are we going to address the elephant in the room?'"

The fourth user commented, "Paint its toenails red and hide it in a cherry tree."