Caritas Hospital announced tonight (29th) that a 79-year-old male ophthalmic patient, yesterday (28th) suspected of acute intestinal obstruction, in the morning there was a drop in blood oxygen saturation, the patient was accompanied by medical staff at 11:10, transferred from the ophthalmology ward to the intensive care unit (ICU), during which the patient's blood oxygen saturation dropped again, the medical staff immediately tried to increase the oxygen supply for the patient, but his blood oxygen saturation continued to drop, and the medical staff found the oxygen bottle used by the patient at 11:15, The valve was not opened during transport.

Upon arrival in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the patient was provided with a suitable oxygen supply. Medical staff inserted the patient's throat for resuscitation, but the patient's condition continued to deteriorate and he passed away at 12:50 noon yesterday.

Caritas Medical Centre. (File photo)

The case was reported to the Coroner for follow-up

Caritas Medical Centre (CMC) said that it is very concerned about the incident and has informed the Head Office of the Hospital Authority that a Root Cause Analysis Committee will be set up to investigate the incident in detail and review the patient transport process. A number of enhanced measures have been implemented immediately to ensure that all medical devices are functioning normally during patient transport to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.

The hospital is very saddened by the patient's passing away and has met with the patient's family to explain the incident, apologized to the family and expressed deep sympathy. The case has been reported to the Coroner for follow-up.

The patient's oxygen saturation decreased yesterday morning and he was transferred to the ICU with suspected intestinal obstruction

According to the hospital's announcement, the elderly male patient had undergone gastric ulcer surgery and hernia surgery in the past, and had been admitted to the hospital for treatment of intestinal obstruction on several occasions. Originally scheduled to receive an eye appointment for surgery today (29th).

The patient's condition deteriorated yesterday morning and his blood oxygen saturation dropped. The medical staff arranged oxygen therapy for the patient, and the ophthalmology, surgery and intensive care unit (ICU) doctors immediately assessed the patient and arranged the necessary examinations to suspect intestinal obstruction. In view of the continued deterioration of the patient's condition, the medical team decided to transfer the patient to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for further treatment.

When I arrived at the ICU, I knew that the oxygen bottle valve was not opened, and there was no oxygen supply for up to 5 minutes

At about 11:10 a.m. yesterday, the patient, accompanied by medical staff, was transferred from the ophthalmology ward to the intensive care unit, during which the patient's oxygen saturation dropped again. The patient arrived at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at 11:15 and was found by medical staff to have the oxygen bottle valve not opened during transport. That is, there is a 5-minute period when the patient is without oxygen.

According to the hospital, the patient was provided with a suitable oxygen supply immediately after being transported to the Intensive Care Unit. Medical staff inserted the patient's throat for resuscitation, but the patient's condition continued to deteriorate and he passed away at 12:50 noon yesterday.

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