A pair of chopsticks entered the man's brain

A man in Vietnam who had been suffering from a severe headache for almost five months was shocked when he discovered that a pair of chopsticks had entered his brain. The 35-year-old patient arrived at the Cuban Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi on November 25 for treatment, the New York Post reported. She complained of severe headache as well as fluid discharge.

After a CT scan, it was found that the man was suffering from tension pneumocephalus. This rare neurological condition is characterized by an alarming increase in intracranial pressure. A subsequent checkup revealed an unusual cause of the man's symptoms: a pair of chopsticks that had allegedly entered his nose and reached his brain.

Initially shocked by the presence of chopsticks in his brain, the man recalled that he had been involved in a fight while drinking alcohol in Vietnam five months ago, as reported by Vietnam VN. He did not notice anything about the fight there, but he remembered the faint ness of being hit in the face with an unknown object.

Despite reporting to the hospital after the incident, doctors at that time did not find any chopstick or abnormality in her nose. Later, the shocked patient now speculates that he was stabbed in the nose with a chopstick during the fight, and from that they reached his brain.

Fortunately, through endoscopic surgery performed through the nose, doctors were able to successfully remove the chopstick. Subsequently, microsurgery was used to close the fistula, which is an abnormal connection between the artery and vein in the brain and spinal cord tissue.

It is being told that the patient's condition is stable and he is waiting to be discharged from the hospital.