Disputes at night clubs have occurred from time to time, and a number of videos have been circulating on the Internet recently, showing an altercation and fight at an upstairs bar suspected to be located in an industrial building in Yuen Long. In one of the videos, a tattooed man can be seen being overwhelmed and punched, and many people are "watching", with a woman shouting, "Bang you, bang!" In another video, a man in gray who is suspected to be in charge of watching the scene is holding a knife in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand to confront people, and two other men are holding knives next to him.

Video circulating on the Internet showed more than 10 men and women arguing and fighting in a bar in Yuen Long, with some of them armed with knives. A man in gray confronted people with a knife in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand.

According to sources, the incident occurred at an upstairs bar in On Lok Industrial Building, On Lok Road, Yuen Long, which was run by the triad "Anan", a triad activist active in the district, and his protégé was responsible for watching the scene. At the time of the incident, it was suspected that someone was drinking alcohol and causing a disturbance, which caused a dispute.

In the video posted on the Internet, a man in gray can be seen holding a knife in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand, and the crowd, including two men in the venue, can be seen, asking them to "explain! Explain!" and scolded the others: "Mi X is noisy!" Next to him, two men in black jackets and white shirts, also armed with long knives. Suspecting something unusual off-camera, one of the knife-wielding men immediately rushed to the area, and the video ended.

Another video shows a tattooed man being pressed against a wall, punching and pulling clothes, and many people "watching", with a woman shouting, "Bang him, chirp!" Someone else shouted, "It's not a matter of going a little and not scare!" The tattooed man was later pulled out by a friend, suspected of being beaten up, and took off his shirt in anger, but this is the end of the film. Neither of the two videos explained the cause of the incident and its subsequent development.