How to make indian kanji: Include kanji made from carrots and beetroot in your diet.

Special things

  • Want to drink healthy drinks in winter.
  • So carrots and beetroot are the best.
  • Drink kanji instead of juice.

How to make beetroot and carat kanji: As soon as winter comes, many people start having cold, cough and flu. To avoid such problems, it is important to take special care of your diet. If you include seasonal vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, then it can get a lot of benefits. Health experts believe that if you include kanji made of carrots and beetroot in your diet during the rainy season, then it boosts immunity (immunity boost) faster and you avoid infection.

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How to make carrot beetroot and carat kanji


  • Carrots - 5
  • Beetroot-2
  • Lemon juice - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Hot water - 85 to 9 cups
  • A glass jar or container
  • Salt - as per taste

How to make

  • First of all, clean the glass jar thoroughly and keep it in the air and dry it. Keep in mind that the jar is of good quality glass.
  • Now peel the carrots and beetroot and grind both of them one by one in the grinder.
  • Now put these two in the jar and mix well with a spoon. Now add hot water to it. Keep in mind that there is some space left in the jar for fermentation.
  • Now cover this jar with a muslin cloth and seal it with the help of rubber or thread.
  • Now keep it in a place where there is no direct sunlight. Leave it for fermentation for 3 days.
  • After 3 days, filter it and store it in the fridge. Before serving, add lemon and salt to taste and serve in a glass.
  • Benefits of Beetroot and Carat Kanji

    Carrots and beetroot contain plenty of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, many types of minerals, etc. which help in boosting immunity. It is a probiotic drink that keeps digestion good and the gut is also healthy. It is considered good for skin, hair and eye health.