Deadly spider lays eggs inside man's toe

In a shocking incident, a man who was holidaying on a cruise to celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary with his wife noticed that a spider had laid eggs inside his toe. According to a BBC report, Colin Blake of the United Kingdom and his wife were spending the evening in Marseille, France, when they noticed that their toe was swollen and turned purple.

Seeing this, he panicked and met the ship's doctor and found out that a Peruvian wolf spider had bitten him and laid eggs inside his toe. He is expected to make a full recovery after removing "spider eggs" from his toe and taking medication to eliminate the effects of toxins.

Wolf spiders live in France after arriving in the area on cargo ships. According to the outlet, Blake of Cramlington was bitten by a spider while the couple was enjoying a meal. He said he was "completely unaware" of the incident as the spider numbs its prey before laying its eggs. "My wife thought it might be because I had new sandals and they were rubbing on my big toe and because of that it turned red," he said.

The ship's doctor cut off her toe with a scalpel, releasing "milk-like pus."

On his return to the UK, Blake received hospital treatment and was prescribed an antibiotic course to reduce inflammation. After the swelling subsided, the poison escaped from his leg and sharp marks of the spider began to appear.

However, four weeks later, she noticed something more unusual in her toe. Doctors found that a small spider had emerged from one of the eggs, which was trapped under its skin. Blake told the BBC, "One of the spider's eggs was not cleaned and it must have exploded. They believe the spider was making its way — eating my toe."

After the spider was killed by antibiotics, the doctor removed Blake's toe by cutting it. "I asked if I could keep it but they said no," he said.