A famous folk singer married secretly in Belgium, and this happened only a year after becoming a mother.

For several years, she has kept her private life a secret, but our reporter learned that she had a noisy wedding in Ghent, where her partner and now legitimate husband lives.

It is about the singer Mira, who at the beginning of her career became famous with her duet with Milko Kalaidjiev "Hey, the little one".

The couple gathered more than 300 guests, relatives and friends to celebrate their love together.

The singer appeared in a white simple dress, holding her hand at her husband, who had hugged their son. The wedding, as Bulgarian tradition dictates, was opened with bread with honey. The groom's mother broke off a piece of bread, dipped it in the honey and fed the bride first.

Andrea is getting married?

The same action was repeated by Mira's mother, who in turn gave the bread first to the groom. Thus, it became clear that the families of the two approve of the choice of their children.

The man next to Mira is 11 years younger than her. Gianni and Mira managed to create a close-knit family that cost the singer her job in Bulgaria. She spends most of her time abroad and has drastically reduced her appearances, writes blitz.bg.

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