Anurag Doval praises Bigg Boss

New Delhi:

In the reality show Bigg Boss 17, there is a new blast every day. Anurag Doval created a lot of ruckus in the show in the past. Anurag directly confronted the makers of Bigg Boss i.e. the show and insisted on going out of the house. Anurag Doval accused Bigg Boss of being biased towards some contestants and supporting a select few. Anurag got angry to such an extent that he even told him to leave the show by paying Rs 2 crore. But suddenly Anurag's tone has changed and he is heard praising Bigg Boss.

Anurag understood what Bigg Boss was saying.

Anurag Doval had appealed to Bigg Boss to let him leave the house. On this, Bigg Boss said that his legal team needs 2-3 days for this. However, in the meantime, Anurag's tone seems to have changed. Anurag told Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande that 'I like this task. I was very angry at that time and if Bigg Boss had opened the door at that time, I would have walked out. When you are angry, you are very ungrateful. Then you think I have to go from here to my family."

'Bigg Boss is mature'

Anurag further said that I am now grateful towards Bigg Boss. I understand that Bigg Boss has no problem with me. If there was a problem, he would have opened the door, he could have brought two more new wild card contestants in my place, but he did not do so. Now I understand, he has been taking care of me from day one. Bigg Boss is very mature.